"…with an amber light for inspiration..."
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Bringing in a new way of being at a time of change

Amber Light International is dedicated to responding to those who are inspired and ready to take that next step, bringing in a new way of being at a time of significant change. An era is dawning that is less patriarchal, dogmatic, directive and isolating, and more feminine, nurturing, collaborative and holistic.  

We are committed to empowering people to find their life’s purpose and to help this new era manifest.  Amber Light International is a non-profit educational initiative offering ongoing classes, individual and group retreats, workshops, intensive book studies, individual spiritual guidance and other related experiences.  

The focus is to develop greater mystical/spiritual awareness based in the teachings of mystical traditions such as Sufism, Buddhism and more, with modern influences from psychology/psychiatry, science, philosophy and other disciplines.  Most offerings are available in-person and online through Zoom.  You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

These are some ways to think about what can be accomplished through this work:

Dreams: find out about your inner self

Connect with other seekers

Belong without joining

Help bring in a new era

Social Justice: Committing to a better world

Podcasts & Blogs: Transformation through sharing

Listen to a sample Find Out More

Individual and group spiritual guidance

Delve into essential ideas without dogma

Self-care, emotional resilience, stress relief: finding joy and purpose

Self Reliance 101

Spirituality isn't about following a guru or having someone spoon-feed you knowledge or information. It's about tapping into your latent abilities and exploring your own unique inner guidance. Amber Light International offers a supportive community to help facilitate that individual process. Listen to Henry speak about what the classes mean to him and what they offer to participants below.

We invite you to explore our website for more information and attend an event that appeals to your heart. We look forward to getting to know you. Please be aware that working with us in any way does not constitute a doctor/therapist/mental health relationship nor will result in any form of diagnosis or treatment.

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