Amber Light Healing List

Participate by submitting your name to request spiritual healing energy (with or without a reason for your request) or someone with whom you are close and with whom you feel comfortable. Send your request to

Participate by being one of the people willing to send this healing transmission when requested. You may do this in any way you feel comfortable – pray, chant, think of the person as healthy, a healing service. Send healing energy for as long as your intuition suggests. Once may be enough. Do not expect to hear about how the person is doing, especially if you do not know them.

There is no personal contact between those requesting energy and those sending energy, unless you know each other and it is in the usual mode of how you interact.

To become a healing transmitter, please let Henry know of your intention at

There is no charge to be on the Amber Light Healing List or to become a healing transmitter.