Once Upon a Time (Part Two)

May 3, 2021

Missed Part One? You can read it here.

Frederick the dragon somehow didn’t become aware of Charles until it was too late. Charles was a do-gooder who, to Frederick’s dismay, actually was a good and kind person. Charles was also quite clear about his mission and truly dedicated himself to it. You see, Charles had decided that his life’s purpose would be to fight for the rights and betterment of kids. Any child, not just his own, and not just children, but anyone in the community of any age, race, belief, or gender. People knew of Charles as a high school science teacher. What they didn’t know—and neither did Frederick at first—was that he too had learned a subtle skill set. You might call it white magic as opposed to Frederick’s black magic. Charles didn’t send smoke, he sent light. He didn’t cause people’s insides to smolder, he caused them to shine! Before Frederick caught on, Charles had sent his light right into Prince Walter, who felt it like a jolt! It made him take notice and smile. Walter actually felt a glow rise from inside of his being. Frederick growled and intensified his attack. Walter could see, talk, and interact with Charles, but he didn’t know about Frederick. Despite the glow, Walter knew there was a churning battle inside of him, but all he could do was ride it out.

There are some things you need to know about dragons. They are persistent and long-lived, and Frederick in particular, loved a challenge like this: a covert war that he was determined to win. So Frederick the Cunning, as he liked to call himself of late, calculated and waited, still sending smoke and spells, but not as steadily. Frederick delayed until Walter left Charles to move on to other people and concerns in life. That’s when Frederick struck! He upped his assault—more smoke, more dragon incantations, more confusion, more doubt. But no! Though Charles was not physically present, somehow he had made himself a spirit right inside of Walter, clearing away the smoke and spells as fast as the dragon could sent them! To make matters worse, from Frederick’s perspective, Charles seemed to have cloned himself! At every step along Walter’s life path, there was a new “Charles”! “Oh yes, they call themselves by different names they do, and even change the way they look, but they can’t fool me,” muttered Frederick. “I wasn’t born yesterday!”

To be continued…