Individual Spiritual Guidance

Offered in Pittsford and on Zoom. In-person attendance is available in a limited capacity.

We offer spiritual guidance by mutual agreement with or without formal initiation.  We no longer initiate into a formal organization, but we do initiate into the Sufi Mystical Lineage of Inayat Khan when appropriate.  This one on one guidance is generally free of charge. Though the guidance is based primarily on Sufi mysticism practices, it has a universal, non-dogmatic approach and takes into account a person’s unique gifts and directions. It is neither psychotherapy, mental health, medical practice nor life coaching, though it does take a person’s habits, personality, psychological approaches, religious and spiritual affiliations and life circumstances into account.  The person is free to make their own choices; there are no mandates or life prescriptions, only suggestions re: spiritual attitudes and practices.  The goal is the broadening of consciousness toward more “love, harmony and beauty” in a genuine, authentic manner that affects life.  The person being guided takes full responsibility for their choices.

Contact us if you have any questions about the the individual guidance we offer or you’re interested in participating!