Book Studies—past event

Fourth Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:30 PM Eastern time

Attend in person in Pittsford or on Zoom. In-person attendance is available in a limited capacity.

In general, themes are related to the interface of spirituality and psychology. We began by reading and discussing by chapter, Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul, then Michael Meade’s Awakening the Soul and James Hillman’s The Soul’s Code. Since then, the group decides on what to read/study and how to approach each book. The genres and themes for our exploration are widening, now including both fiction and non-fiction. Recent examples include a little known work, Something Special, by Iris Murdoch, a recently self-published autobiography by Dellenna Harper, God’s Teardrop, with plans to read and discuss The Red TentAfterwards, You’re a Genius, followed by other works by Black authors. You may join at any time. Though the early books we studied were interconnected, all that we read stands on their own. The discussions help one understand what has been covered earlier. Our explorations involve a deeper understanding of human nature, including the mystical/spiritual as well as psychological, and how to integrate this into our lives. We request that people read or at least scan the sections (or entire book) decided upon, but it is not a lecture and often the discussion itself alone is reason to attend if time is short for a careful reading. This offering is free of charge, though yearly donations are accepted.  

Contact us if you have any questions about the class or you’re interested in participating!