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Three Meditations

To help with sleep:

Lie on your back and relax the whole body.
Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose and silently count “1.”
Breathe out slowly and count “1.”
Repeat this process up to “10.”
If your mind wanders and you find yourself thinking about things, start over at “1.”
If you lose track of the numbers, start over at “1.”
If you get to “10” and you’re still awake, repeat the process.

This simple breathing process can be used beneficially under many circumstances. Deep breathing tells the body and mind to relax and release tension.

Heart Meditation:

Sit in a relaxed position, with the back straight and neither arms nor legs crossed unless you are seated in a cross-legged position. Breathe naturally.
Allow the breath to deepen.
Now, imagine that the breath can move in and out through the heart center in the middle of the chest.
As you breathe in, think “Peace.”
As you breathe out, think “Peace.”
Allow peace to pervade your heart.
Send the peace of your heart toward those you love. Do this for a few moments.
Deepen the breath. Send energy into your fingertips and toes, and wiggle them.
When you are ready, open your eyes.

You may try this meditation with other positive concentrations, such as “Love,” as you wish.

Blessing the Earth:

Sit in a relaxed position, with the back straight and neither arms nor legs crossed unless you are seated in a cross-legged position. Breathe naturally. Allow the breath to deepen.
Let your consciousness move around the world.
Gently caress each place as you think of it. Bring your awareness to troubled places on the earth.
Imagine that you send blessings, in any way that seems natural for you, to those places as you touch them with your awareness.
Do this with one to three places.

Gayan #309 – Boula #268 – All aspects of life meet and share in common in that one central point which is the Divine Mind.

There is one treasure-house where all knowledge collected, experienced, learned, and discovered by human beings is stored; and that treasure-house is the Divine Mind, a mind with which all minds are linked. There is no experience we go through that does not remain or that is not recorded in that treasure-house. Every good or bad experience we have, every new thing we learn, every discovery we make, is all stored in that treasure-house. But one might ask, ‘How does one find in it what one wants? If we have a large store, perhaps hundreds and thousands of things, it is difficult to find anything we want at a moment’s notice!’ The power of the mind, the willpower, is such that if one has enough of it one can find anything one wants to find. It is related that someone with great willpower wanted to buy a certain piece of furniture. In the first street he went to after leaving his house he saw exhibited in the show-room the very piece of furniture he desired. He was guided towards it.

What one really wants is attracted by one, and one is attracted by what one wants. It is the same with the poet, the musician, the thinker. When he is deeply interested in what he is doing, then he has only to wish; and by the automatic action of the desire his wish becomes a light. This light is thrown on the divine store-house, and it is projected on the object he wants. Such is the phenomenon of will and inspiration that no sooner is an inspired person moved by the beauty and harmony of life and wishes to express his soul, than the light of his soul shines on that particular object or on that particular knowledge. It comes instantly to his mind, expressing itself outwardly through his mind. All that is brought from within in this way is perfect, harmonious, beautiful, and has a wonderful effect.

Inayat Khan, THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS: Communicating with Life, Gayani Meditations for the Confraternity of the Message
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