What We Do

Henry Cretella, M.D  and Kathleen FitzPatrick, LCSW  co-direct Amber Light International, a non-profit educational/spiritual group incorporated as a 501(c)3 in New York State. Through it, they offer spiritual guidance, individual and group retreats, workshops, intensive book studies, celebrations and other related experiences. These are designed to integrate a greater mystical spiritual awareness with modern influences from psychology/psychiatry, science, philosophy and other disciplines. A new era is dawning which is much less patriarchal and much more feminine, nurturing, collaborative and holistic. Kathleen and Henry are committed to empowering individuals and groups to find their spiritual purpose and help this new era manifest. In this light, Amber Light’s offerings promote community development and networking.

Amber Light International does not require membership and takes no responsibility for how participants use their experiences.  There is no doctor or therapist – client/patient relationship; and a spiritual guide-student relationship is through mutual agreement.  Amber Light International aims to be inclusive of all sexual orientations, genders, races or ethnic backgrounds, social classes or religions.  We ask participants to treat each other with friendly respect.

Contact us for more information if you have any questions!