Individual and Group Retreats

Garden of Peace Group Retreats

First or Second Weekend in June; Third or Fourth Weekend in September; one day in March; 4 three hour retreat practice sessions scattered through the year, dates to be determined – all in Pittsford and on zoom;  60 minute practice and sharing sessions every Sunday, 7:30-8:30 PM Eastern also in Pittsford and on zoom. In-person attendance is available in a limited capacity.

The retreat days and half-days do have a small tuition. This group has met for several years now, and participation is presently  closed by group request because of the depth of sharing of personal experiences. Some of the sessions are recorded for use by participants.

Advanced Spiritual Healing Peer Group

First Saturday of the month, 1-2:30 PM Eastern in Pittsford and on Zoom. In-person attendance is available in a limited capacity.

This had been an experiential/lecture class devoted to sufi concepts of spiritual healing open to anyone for three years, then closed due to the closeness and sharing of experiences and now is a peer lead group, primarily but not strictly sufi in nature.  There is a minimum of $10 (US Dollars) per year for this class, or more if you can afford it and feel called to do so. It remains a closed group.

Individual and Group Spiritual Retreats

Attend in person in Pittsford and on Zoom or other on-line arrangement

These arranged with us.  We have a retreat room or two in our home.  Some of our workshops are also retreat-like group retreats; but usually we insist on having sharing and discussion in our groups, not always silence.  Individual retreats usually have only limited interaction with others except the retreat guide  There is usually a tuition for both types of experience.  Duration is decided together.  There is a charge.  Group retreats may be recorded for use by participants.

Contact us if you have any questions about retreats or you’re interested in participating!