Universal Sufism

The traditional definition of Sufism is often given as “the mysticism of Islam.” Another way to think of Sufism is to recognize it as the Path of the Heart, the way of love, beyond the distinctions and differences of religious affiliations. The musician and spiritual teacher, Inayat Khan, came from India to the United States on 1910 to offer his music and eventually teachings that came to be known as the Message in our time. His unique approach to the problems of the day took him on journeys to Russia and throughout Europe, eventually settling in Suresnes, France, outside Paris. Primarily given in lectures, his teachings have been gathered in published volumes and are available online at www.wahiduddin.net and elsewhere.

Our work is grounded in many years of study, retreat and service in Sufism, enriched by our studies in other areas.

Inayat Khan

An “aura photograph” of Vilayat Inayat Khan after meditation