Why Blog?

August 15, 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy our new website (thank you Louise and William and our photographers!) and also sign up for our Instagram and Facebook. But all this activity, re-designing, learning to use social media, and now blogging has made me wonder, “why exactly do we blog?” There are some easy answers. We wish to share – anything from stories, to poetry, to advertising. Sometimes blogs are diatribes, and these are not my personal favorites. Sometimes blogs are meant to persuade; other times just explain a point of view. Some invite discussion and comments, others not. I suppose many times blogs are precursors to books and an attempt to develop a following. I hear this is becoming a necessity for commercial publication.

But since Amber Light International has a spiritual/educational purpose, I’d like to add one more consideration. Why do we feel it so important to share with each other? I’m reminded of a spiritual teaching I was given and which has spurred me on in re-creating Amber Light with Kathleen. This time of ours is one in which new inspirations for a new era will come through all of us, not one guru or avatar, not in one path or scientific discipline; but, literally, through all of us. We are so used to looking to authorities that we often either belittle what we have to offer or reactively overestimate it as a defense against this feeling of smallness. Of course there are experts. Of course there is hard data and evidence not available to everyone. Of course we need to listen and follow sound advice. Of course there are transient leaders we should follow. I would add, of course we need to collaborate, to listen to each other respectfully, excitedly and with interest; and of course we must value our individual gifts and talents even when they are not perfected, as they usually are not. So, underneath it all, why do we blog? Because the universe has so much to offer that it needs all of us to do our part. Sometimes we’ll have something to say or write about; other times we we’ll listen or read. Sometimes we will follow a path; sometimes we will create our own. There is no dogma, even if we often feel more secure with directives. The challenge now is to discover and nurture our own talents, add and integrate these to those of others and watch, rather than control and force, a new tapestry unfold. It takes work. It takes confidence in ourselves and that the universe in some way is able to bring this all together in some sort of harmony. It is a paradigm shift, from over-control to collaboration and evolution without necessarily knowing the end point or even each detail along the way.

Amber Light is about nurturing these gifts and offering a forum for exploration and collaboration. I hope you join us!