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Alchemical Dialogues are live and unscripted conversations recorded on Zoom brought to you by the great folks of Amber Light International. We choose topics from our current social and cultural climate, with an emphasis on humanism and spirituality.

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Here's a short sample from one of our podcasts:

January 12, 2021

Podcast #9- Transformation and Healing through the Akashic Records: A Journey into Authenticity

It was our pleasure to welcome Bettie Scullin for a discussion with Henry Cretella, M.D on the Akashic Records. “Akasha” is a non-physical field containing information unique for each person and accessible with training or the help of others. What is gained can be practical, informative, transformative, and healing. Being in touch with this field can lead to a more natural, holistic, and authentic way of living. Here is how Bettie describes herself and her experiences: “I grew up without a true sense of my genuine self, feeling alien in a bewildering world. Conversely, I felt a deep spiritual connection to illuminated beings that protected and at times guided me. Unaware of my empathic nature, I floundered through life, reacting to events in a manner that often proved counter to my highest good. On many occasions I was saved by unseen forces by a clear intuitive knowing and/or direct action. Profound as these experiences were, it never occurred to me to ask for help from these mostly unseen beings until I learned how to access my own Akashic Records.   “My work in the Akashic Records connected me to a deep source of support, wisdom, love, and guidance as I was shown how my life fits into the fabric of life, how we are all connected, and how to live a more genuine, authentic life. While these experiences have been profoundly healing, I have also relied on this connection to help with such tasks as business meetings, reorganizing my home, and creative pursuits. I felt called to help others access their records, either in a consultation with me, or by learning how to access their own records. I am deeply grateful for the people who have trusted me with this honor. “Loving, supportive, and often humorous, the beings we refer... View Article

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December 13, 2020

Podcast #8- Spiritual Bypass: Making a Wrong Turn and Finding the Way Back

It was our pleasure to welcome Hafizullah, a Sufi spiritual teacher from Seattle, WA for a discussion with Henry Cretella, M.D on spiritual bypass. It is almost impossible to follow a spiritual path without engaging in some version of using spirituality, consciously or unconsciously, in the service of avoiding painful issues. What matters is knowing this, learning to catch it more and more quickly, and getting back on track. Returning to the main highway involves a willingness to really get to know ourselves, not just “transcend.” It is to genuinely deal with the mystery in our shadows where our unique gifts and talents lie right next to our wounds rather than only focus on the light. It is then that our spirituality becomes whole, meaningful, and transformative.

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November 15, 2020

Podcast #7- A Journey of Personal Growth: finding One’s own Relationship with Spirituality

Henry Cretella, M.D. talks with Paul Brew about Paul’s personal journey into finding his relationship with spirituality. Paul is formally trained in history and is an adjunct teacher at local colleges. His travels have included working at Eastman Kodak as a Group Leader, an advocate for LGBTQ rights, glassmaking, photography, martial arts, and a love-hate relationship with religion. Paul’s extensive reading and life experiences brought him to a love of mysticism. Paul says, “If you want to be kind, think of me as a spiritual Renaissance man.”

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October 13, 2020

Podcast #6- A Personal Journey into Holistic Psychiatry

Henry Cretella, M.D. talks with Dr. Cheryl Tisler on Zoom about Cheryl's personal journey into holistic psychiatry. Dr. Tisler describes her life journey in which she synthesizes her experiences starting with her upbringing and adult relationships, physical status, allopathic, and alternative medical explorations and spirituality, into a focus on holistic psychiatry.

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September 11, 2020

Podcast #5- Ubuntu, race, and reconciliation: The real meaning of Spiritual Interconnectedness (part 1)

Henry Cretella, M.D. talks with Rev. Dr. William Huston Wilkinson on Zoom about spiritual interconnectedness. Rev. Wilkinson is a pastor/teaching elder of The First Presbyterian Church in Medina, NY. He brings experiences as a sociologist, hospital worker, sheet metal worker, physician/scientist, and theological educator to the building of missional churches and congregation-based community organizations.

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July 15, 2020

Podcast #4- Spirituality and Poetry: Beyond the Edge

Henry Cretella, M.D. talks with Joel Lesses on Zoom about spirituality and poetry. Joel is an accomplished poet and is especially well known in Buffalo and Rochester. He received the award of Buffalo's "Best Poet" in 2014, and founded the "Ground and Sky Poetry" series in Buffalo and Rochester. He also facilitates numerous workshops and classes in Western New York. Joel hosts his own podcast series "Unraveling Religion" on Apple Podcasts.

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